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Two Little Princesses in the making-Feb 2020

Two bags in the making

Hi There,

These are going to be the Two Little Princesses!

One is a re-make of a bag that I have probably made more than any other of my designs…it’s the ‘Beijing Princess’ and the other is the ‘Sassy Grown up Princess’ as it is based on the original, but bigger and has handles. I’m loving this gorgeous orange goat leather that I found in an out of the way place in London a while back; and the metallic leather is from a company I use on a regular basis. Just look at that pale peachy champagne colour….gonna look so good =)
The pleated panels take a long time to prepare….just to get to the pleated point takes around 2 hours…and that’s not including the time they spend underneath a pile of heavy books to ensure they are stable in the right position before being topstitched. The fiddliest part is when I have to make the holes for the leather french knots making sure they line up thru several layers including into the front of the bag.
I’ll be showing their progress on further blog posts.
Bye for now…
Sally =)