STLC My Story


Sally Thompson Leather Couturier

Handmade Leather Art Objects & Handbags




Inspiration drawn from the shapes found in nature, architecture, couture and origami

Designing and making from an engineer’s perspective

Dimensional and spacial understanding

Precision pattern cutting

Skilled construction

Expert tailoring

Couture flair

I have always been passionate about making, but making things really well to last.  As a small child my mother taught me everything she knew about sewing and creating with textiles; she encouraged me to work with patience, care and attention to detail, and it is this that formed the basis for my deep commitment to superb craftsmanship.

My early introduction to handcrafts led to an interest in all sorts of creative subjects but the one thing that really stood out for me was couture. The handskill requirements needed to create beautiful 3D shapes through textile manipulation and skillful pattern cutting was just awe inspiring for me.


My love of leather began as soon as I could afford to buy anything made from it…clothing, shoes, handbags, furnishings….I never considered working with it though. The process for making products always seemed so industrial; I never imagined I could personally make anything that would look so professional without me being involved in a factory setting. But then I studied Technical Design for Handbags and Accessories at Cordwainer, London College of Fashion and found my inspiration. Learning to design and make handbags from scratch allowed me to explore the versatility and endless possibilities of the medium that is leather. I was able to develope my newly learned creative, pattern cutting and construction skills into unique methods that I use to make my leather handbags, accessories and art objects.

Several years later, I now have my own Company and my own Studio, hand-crafting leather items from a head bursting with ideas. I design and make every single piece myself, by hand – nothing is mass produced and often an item will only be one or two of a kind. So, you can be completely confident that, when you buy something from me, you know all of the care and love that has gone into the making of your chosen piece of  ‘STLC treasure’ has been exclusively designed, hand cut and handmade by me, Sally Thompson.