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Full ‘Scroll Edge’ Bag:

This gorgeous bag is the largest and most lavish of the ‘Scrolled Edge’collection and is the embodiment of all the design inspiration; from the rounded edges flowing from gentle points like an ornate frame of an ancient painting to the seductive curves of a cherished string instrument. The flap and underpiece are brought together with a Sam Brown closure reminiscent of a staple and hasp. The design is complete with my signature leather French Knots and thick, luscious double rolled tassel.

Dimensions: Height: 24cm (roll of flap increases height by 8mm) Width: 25.5cm Strap: 132cm x 3cm. All measurements are approximate.

Price: £395.00

Across body handbag

Featured above in deep textured brown hide leather front and gusset with back, flap and strap in deep textured wine hide leather. Complimented by a pinky purple hide leather Sam Brown stud stand, double layered walnut and pinky purple leather tassel and leather french knots.

Here featured in rich dark mauve hide leather on the back, flap,gusset and strap with rich purple hide leather on the front complimented by a pewter goat leather Sam Brown stud stand, leather french knots and double layered mauve and pewter leather tassel. Both colour ways are lined with purple suede.

The long across body strap allows the bag to sit comfortably low even over a thick winter coat.

The construction method of this bag (horse-shoe gusset) naturally produces 3 internal pockets – 2 large, front and back with the third hidden between them. This hidden pocket though small is roomy enough to stash your cash, cards and lippy =)

The bag is flat until you put your essentials inside and will stand up on it’s own.

Large scrolled edge bag lying down

Scroll Edge Flap Pochette (large)

This is the larger of two Scroll Edge flap pochettes which are derivatives of the original Full Scroll Bag.
The straight edges of this pochette provide a more contemporary appearance whilst maintaining the luxury of the original. The construction method used creates three naturally occurring internal compartments – 2 large ones, front and back with a third smaller one hidden between the two, with enough space for those small essentials; cards etc. As with all my across body bags, I make the strap long so the bag sits in a good position over any thickness of clothing whatever your height and size. Complete with double rolled luscious tassel and diminuitive Sam Brown closure – this substantially roomy bag is perfectly stylish and neat for both daytime and evening use.

Dimensions: Height: 21.5cm (roll of flap increases height by 8mm) Width: 21cm Strap: 132cm x 2.5cm. All measurements are approximate.

Price: £295.00


Scroll Edge Flap Pochette (small)

This is my standard pochette equal in size to the Fleur de Lys and Brutalist versions and is perfect for your everyday essentials, easily accommodating smart phone, glasses, cards and lippy. More diminutive with embellishment, this little number has neat styling taking you effortlessly from day to casual evening and is handy for travelling too. As with the larger pochette, the construction method here naturally produces 3 internal compartments and closes with a Sam Brown stud supported by the colour contrasting scrolled edge shield. The across body strap is long enough to wear over thicker layers and sits perfectly low whatever your height or size.

Price: £195.00

Dimensions: Height: 16.5cm (roll of flap increases height by 8mm) Width: 18.5cm Strap: 131cm x 2.2cm. All measurements are approximate.








Scroll Edge flap Clutch Wallet

This wallet makes a lovely companion for the Full Scrolled Edge Bag – fits in perfectly. See the Accessories page for more details…..


Scroll Edge flap pouch purse

Designed as a coin purse/card wallet, these cute pouches are great for sunglasses/reading glasses too. See the accessories page for more details…..




Fleur de Lys Pochette Bag.

I love this bag! It’s a perfect size for everyday and evenings out too. The narrow across body strap is nice and long to easily fit over heavier layers if need be. Inside there is plenty of room for the usual essentials in the front and back compartments, with a secret little pocket hidden between them for stashing cards etc. The pochette closes with a hidden magnetic bringing the pointy tops gently and securely together. Of course the star of the show is the gorgeous tactile Fleur de Lys with it’s strong geometric lower part inset into the front of the bag whilst the petals freely roll outwards displaying their contrasting internal colours and subtle textures.

Price: £265.00

Dimensions: Height: 20cm to point Width: 18.5cm Strap 137cm x 1cm. All measurements are approximate.







Metallic Pleated Beijing Bag: Price £395.00

Leather Shoulder bag


Must Have Handbag


‘I believe that pattern cutting is for bags what architectural plans are for buildings. There would be no point in having a beautiful design for a building if it could never technically be built to look that good. Therefore a beautiful handbag design is only as good as the pattern it was cut from’.

 An excerpt from Leather Handbag Making –
Why The Pattern Cutting Could Be The Most Important Part
By Sally Thompson