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Hi there,
Welcome to the newly branded former ‘Aint no Saint’ website.

Sally Thompson Leather Couturier is the new brand name for Aint no Saint. Everything that Aint no Saint previously offered is still here only even better and there is even more to see, more to do and more to have.

Sally Thompson Leather Couturier – Designer Maker of Leather Art Objects and Handbags and; The New Collection will be launched this September during H-Art week 8th – 16th September 2018. Every day during the H-Art week between 10am and 12.30pm, there will be a live Leather Handbag Making Course in the designers studio where visitors can come and observe students learning the professional method of leather handbag making. If you can’t make it in person, snippets of the course will be video’d and loaded onto this website. After seeing the ‘Bag School’ in action come and visit the ‘pop up shop’to browse, buy and order something beautiful and unique designed and handmade by the Leather Couturier Sally Thompson. Over the course of the H-Art week, an exhibition entitled ‘Anatomy of a Handbag’ will be added to day by day by the’Bag School’ students as they work their way through their Leather Handbag Making Course from design, pattern cutting, assembling component parts to putting together a fully completed handbag. The ‘Anatomy of a Handbag’ exhibition will then be taken on tour to various locations in ‘pop up shops’ where you will be able to view the work completed by the ‘Bag School’ students, buy pieces from the Sally Thompson Leather Couture collection and book a place on a Leather Handbag Making Course/Workshop.

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The featured bag above is the Bag that was raffled to raise money for Alzheimers. The tickets were sold for £1.00 each and we sold 638 =)

We are happy to announce that we have done the draw and the winner was ticket no 10. They live near Worcester and their treasured prize was delivered to them on 16th June 2017 =)

I believe that pattern cutting is for bags what architectural plans are for buildings. There would be no point in having a beautiful design for a building if it could never technically be built to look that good. Therefore a beautiful handbag design is only as good as the pattern it was cut from’.

 An excerpt from Leather Handbag Making –
Why The Pattern Cutting Could Be The Most Important Part
By Sally Thompson
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Sally Thompson Leather Couturier Art Objects and Handbags Collection is a constantly evolving range of unique, skillfully handmade handbags and functional and beautiful objects in luxuriously tactile leathers and suedes. As a creative maker, Sally is always working on projects that stretch her as a designer and couture technician. 

Sally Thompson Leather Couturier ‘Bag School’ One to One Tutor Sessions.
Becoming increasingly popular, these competitively priced ‘Fast Track’ personally tailored sessions enable students to learn a very generous amount of bag making, pattern cutting and design skills within a very short time. Choose to attend two, three or four day courses. Dates are by arrangement.

Sally Thompson Leather Couturier ‘Bag School Online‘ is a series of short videos showing various techniques and tips to help improve the finish of your bags. It is not intended to replace physically attended courses as the professional bag making process is long and complex. This service will be live during H-Art week 8th – 16th September 2018.

Sally Thompson Pilates body design offers you intelligent, enjoyable and effective Matwork Pilates Classes that will change the way your body looks and functions.
The focus is on learning correct technique when engaging the core and proper spinal alignment to support the body weight when performing the complex exercises.
The results are a stronger, leaner and more flexible body.

Sally Thompson Pilates body design One to One Personal Training Sessions
Tailored Pilates sessions designed to meet your own personal exercise requirements.

Sally Thompson body design Tai Chi for health classes offer a gentle Mind and Body workout with the focus on performing slow, smooth, flowing movement through a series of Tai Chi ‘forms’. These forms will help improve your strength, balance and co-ordination and give you a clear sharpness of mind whilst feeling very relaxed and calm; and of course you will be learning a very beautiful and ancient skill.


Sally is a qualified fitness professional having taught fitness for 27 years with the last 17 focussed on teaching Pilates; Tai Chi is now added to her list of qualifications along with her Falls Prevention training which elevates her to level 4 instructor status which is the highest level achievable in the fitness industry.
Sally also trained at Cordwainers – London College of Fashion specialising in handmade leather handbags and accessories. Her inspiration for setting up the ‘Bag School’ Leather Handbag Making Courses was sparked from her love of sewing and her passion for teaching; and to show how beautifully crafted things can be professionally produced in a domestic setting.

Leather Handbag Making – Why The Pattern Cutting Could Be The Most Important Part
Author: Sally Thompson 

Every part of making a leather handbag has its fun and challenges. From the research necessary for creating a unique design to the final stages of making up where that top stitching has to be so perfect. But in the midst of all that flurry of creativity is the technical wizardry that is the pattern cutting. Some people find this the most boring and laborious part, but for me that is the most exciting bit, because when I have made my final pattern after much experimentation and trial and error thru many mock ups, I know that my design is definitely going to work with every single pattern piece fitting exactly with the next so much so, that I can get a 3 dimensional image in my head of exactly how the bag will look at every stage of its construction and how it will look when it’s finished; in other words it’s as good as done!
Of course there might be the odd little problem along the way with the making up on the sewing machine, but that’s another story!
Another reason why the pattern cutting could be the most important part is that an accurate pattern is worth its weight in gold, as I mentioned before in my opinion, a good pattern is a handbag as good as made, but only if it is absolutely accurate. An accurate pattern means that a successful design can be reproduced over and over again. And that successful design could then be adapted to create new bags of similar construction but which look quite different to the original. This could then mean that someone who has learnt to produce handbags using one type of construction method would be able to make a whole range of handbags from just one perfectly cut original pattern.
I believe pattern cutting is key in understanding how something works and is a necessary skill required for developing good handbag design. It is wonderful to have a head full of incredible handbag design ideas but they will never be realised unless they are technically able to be achieved. You could argue that that would surely be ironed out in the mock up stage, and that the whole reason for making mock ups is to 1) be creative and 2) to sort out how and if something can be constructed, and yes that is true. But there is something else that is very important that can make or break the desirability of what is supposed to be a much yearned for and cherished product. And that something else is the standard of the finish.
A newly purchased handbag will be scrutinised inside and outside. It will be caressed, smelt, hugged and put in pride of place. But actually this would only happen if it was also beautifully made. So now you could say that that would be down to the skill of the person sewing it up, and yes I would agree; but if the design made the making up difficult because the pattern wasn’t skilfully enough produced for design complications to be allowed for, then no amount of sewing skill will save the product from being a contorted disaster.
I believe that pattern cutting is for bag making what architectural plans are for buildings. There would be no point in having a beautiful design for a building if it could never technically be built to look that good. Therefore a beautiful handbag design is only as good as the pattern that it was cut from.