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Welcome to the Sally Thompson Leather Couturier website. Here you can discover truly unique leather Handmade products that you will not find anywhere else. 


'Star' Dish Rich navy leather underlined with soft navy suede



Sally Thompson Leather Couturier

 Art Objects and Handbags Collection is a constantly evolving range of unique handmade leather art objects and handbags skillfully handmade using luxuriously tactile leathers and suedes in a delicious mix of seasonal colours. As a creative maker, Sally is always working on projects that stretch her as a designer and couture technician. 

Sally Thompson Leather Couturier ‘Bag School’ One to One Tutor Sessions.
Becoming increasingly popular, these competitively priced ‘Fast Track’ personally tailored sessions enable students to learn a very generous amount of bag making, pattern cutting and design skills within a very short time. Choose to attend two, three or four day courses. Dates are by arrangement.

Sally Thompson Pilates Body Design offers you intelligent, enjoyable and effective Matwork Pilates Classes that will change the way your body looks and functions.
The focus is on learning correct technique when engaging the core and proper spinal alignment to support the body weight when performing the complex exercises.
The results are a stronger, leaner and more flexible body.

Sally Thompson Pilates body design One to One Personal Training Sessions
Tailored Pilates sessions designed to meet your own personal exercise requirements.

Sally Thompson body design Tai Chi for health classes offer a gentle Mind and Body workout with the focus on performing slow, smooth, flowing movement through a series of Tai Chi ‘forms’. These forms will help improve your strength, balance and co-ordination and give you a clear sharpness of mind whilst feeling very relaxed and calm; and of course you will be learning a very beautiful and ancient skill.


Sally is a qualified fitness professional having taught fitness for 27 years with the last 17 focussed on teaching Pilates; Tai Chi is now added to her list of qualifications along with her Falls Prevention training which elevates her to level 4 instructor status which is the highest level achievable in the fitness industry.
Sally also trained at Cordwainers – London College of Fashion specialising in handmade leather handbags and accessories. Her inspiration for setting up the ‘Bag School’ Leather Handbag Making Courses was sparked from her love of sewing and her passion for teaching; and to show how beautifully crafted things can be professionally produced in a domestic setting.